Lesson 5: Melting Glaciers and Their Impacts

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The glacier experiment sequence from the previous two lessons is repeated here, accompanied by the glacier vulnerability score chart. Two sets of student assessment tasks are given for levels three to seven. One of these allows teachers to print and distribute the questions most suitable to their class or to individual students. The other task sheet allows students to choose their own activity about melting glaciers and their impacts. Here, students are able to see the differences required levels three to seven and decide which one they want to attempt. The higher the level they try for, the more points they gain. This resource also includes a student learning survey in which students can feed back to the teacher how much they have learned about the impacts of climate change on glaciers, whether they have enjoyed the lessons and whether what they have learned will affect their attitudes and behaviour. This resource was produced by the Climate Change Schools Project, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council and in association with the Department of Geography at Durham University and Science Learning Centre North East.

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