Genius Inventions

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This pack explores some of the inventions and discoveries that have had a significant impact on the human race. The discussions and experiments will be complemented by Twig Science films and quizzes.

Inventing the telescope: Telescopes let us see remote objects by collecting light. Since 1608, they have provided pictures of the Universe and helped us to better understand the science behind it. In this activity, students will understand how refractor telescopes work and build one of their own. Curriculum links include lenses, relfection, refraction, light

Flying to the Moon: A great deal of science and innovation was used in putting man on the Moon. In this activity, students experience first-hand the obstacles scientists needed to overcome.

Invention of Nylon: These activities investigate polymers

Invention of antimicrobials and the advent of ‘Superbugs': Antibiotic resistance is one of the great concerns in medicine in the developed world. In this activity students will think about the existence of harmful microbes, the role of basic hygiene and advanced hygiene products in minimising the risk of disease, and the use of antibiotics in stopping the spread of bacterial disease. An extension activity for a Crest Award is described.

Discovery and use of electromagnets: Electromagnets play an important role in everyday
life, with applications spanning from cars to televisions to scrap yards. In this activity,
students can build and try out a simple electromagnet.

Three inventions to save the Earth: Most scientists believe that some of the warming over the past century is due to human activity. In this activity, students can discuss the science behind global warming, its possible consequences and ways to slow this process.

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