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On Your Marks...Get Set...Breathe (Ages 11-14)

This resource consists of four experiments about breathing and lung function. Students use lung volume bags, peak flow meters and pulse oximeters to explore lung function and to find out how different activities affect their breathing. The experiments can be carried out in the science classroom but there is an opportunity for collaboration with the PE department. [b]Experiment A:[/b] Students measure their resting breathing rate and investigate how different types of physical activity affect their breathing rate. [b]Experiment B:[/b] Students measure their blood oxygen level and pulse rate before and after exercise and see how long they take to return to resting level. [b]Experiment C:[/b] Students make a prediction about how peak flow may change with height. [b]Experiment D:[/b] Students measure their lung volumes and their expiratory tidal volumes before and after exercise to see if there is any change. Produced by the Wellcome Trust, In The Zone is a major UK initiative inspired by the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It has been awarded the London 2012 Inspire Mark and is part of Get Set +, the official London 2012 education programme.

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