Graphing stories

The ‘Graphing Stories’ collection is a collaborative project run by Dan Mayer and the ‘BuzzMath’ team. Each story comprises a video that shows a practical situation where a measure, such as height or weight, varies with time. The situation is then replayed at a slower rate to help enable the...

Movies and magic

Movies and magic 9-11

Sometimes what looks like magic is actually science! In this programme, pupils will look at magic and movie tricks for inspiration and find out how it’s done. They explore how things are done to make movies look realistic, and investigate whether some of the themes or technology from the movies...

Engineering Careers: Cammell Laird

Here are 5 videos of people who work at Cammell Laird, the shipyard responsible for the building of the RRS...

Nix the tricks

The book ‘Nix the Tricks’ looks at tricks and short cuts used in maths, explains why they are so damaging, and then provides an alternative method that teaches for understanding. If you cringe when a student says ‘cross multiply’ whenever they see a problem involving fractions, then this is the...

Student discussion


Fixperts is an award-winning, hands-on learning programme that challenges young people to use their imagination and skills to create ingenious solutions to everyday problems. The programme is equally relevant to design and technology, engineering and as a STEM enrichment activity.  



Lighthouse keeper challenge

This challenge provides a STEM activity day in which teams of children work together to design a way of getting lighthouse keepers back to the mainland...

Computer network

Computer networks

A very comprehensive article explaining how computers communicate, what the internet is and what services run on it. On the third page (labelled page 34) there is a very good unplugged classroom activity that can be used to model how packets of data are passed by the internet. The document also...

Video Interviews with the Bloodhound SSC Team

Short video interviews with members of the Bloodhound SSC team, explain some of the engineering challenges involved in designing a land speed record rocket car. Interviews include: * Wheel design - John Piper, Engineering Director * Shock waves - Ben Evans * Air - Ben Evans * Mach numbers - Ben...


Careers in Space workshop

The Careers in Space workshop included inputs from: * Vicki Hodges on Astrium's STEM Ambassadors programme * Rosalind Azouzi on Space Tourism and the Next Generation * Lloyd Marshall on Apprenticeship opportunities with Astrium

Latest community resources

Lesson in Robotics

This resource provides a lesson plan and all the related materials to teach children about the principles of building and programming robots. It relates the components of a robot to the equivalents in humans for example relating human senses to the robots sensors, muscles to motors and brain to computer and program...

A Career in Engineering

This is a video of a presentation entitled "A Career in Engineering" which runs for 17 minutes. The aim with the presentations is to inform students that a career in engineering is of value to society as well as the individual and that it is a profession with intellectual challenges and opportunities. Some of the...

Pringles Tube - Enigma Cipher Activity

This activity promotes careers in Cyber Security and Technology Engineering. This activity is a mix of history, maths and some practical fun built upon an existing, excellent piece of work. The materials are all included in the zip file and the main tool is the Powerpoint (ppm) file that contains all the media and...


An activity using balls on a string to find the relationship between the length of teh string, the weight of teh ball and the pendulum time. The slides include the Gallileo formula and a spreadsheet to compare the experimental values with the maths.

The Vault

An exercise using a spreadsheet with complex statements. Based on one used for over 20 years at a safety deposit vault in UK.

Solve an XXX Division Sum

The sum is represented by Xs and two 7s. The pupils havee to solve he sum as there is only one answer.

Replacing the faamily car

A research activity to discover the best typr of car to minimise global warming. It involves researching the whole-life-carbon-footprint of each type of car. Electric, hybrid, petrol, diesel.

Technology Quiz

A quiz to emlighten pupils about discoveries in technology

Sum Fun With Arithmetic Bricks for Five Year Olds

A version using ricks to do sums suitable for younger pupils

Paper Towers and Bridges - Secondary

Making towers or bridges using recycled paper. Teams can buy products and the winners are the team with the lowest cost verses the height/carrying-weight.