Integrated Mathematics Scheme: B2

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This Year Eight textbook from the Integrated Mathematics Scheme contains 30 units split into three sections each containing ten units. There are basic exercises (M units) followed by more challenging exercises (E units) covering the same topics in each file.

[b]Units 1 to 10[/b] cover:
*Use of negative numbers in coordinates, the addition and subtraction of negative numbers, conversion between decimals and percentages, and substituting decimals into formulae
*Further units cover constructing triangles, nets of cubes and cuboids, displacement vectors, translation by a vector and addition of vectors
*Squaring numbers in different forms is covered and using letters to represent numbers including the use of brackets
*Finding the radius, diameter, and circumference of a circle is dealt with as well as simple applications of Pythagoras’ Theorem
*A problem solving unit looks at levers and mechanical advantage.

[b]Units 11 to 20[/b] cover:
*squares, cubes and higher powers, the first laws of indices, using a calculator efficiently and some problem solving units
*Area of rectangles and triangles is also covered as well as the conversion of decimals into fractions.
*There are a number of units looking at number bases, how mathematical tables, pie charts, graphs and equations are used in science and geography and spotting patterns in mathematical tables.

[b]Units 21 to 30[/b] cover:
*How squares and square roots are used in Pythagoras’ Theorem, the calculation of simple interest along with other examples of how percentage is used in everyday life
*Basic probability is covered along with two units covering the basic notation of sets and Venn diagrams
*There is a unit on simple proof, two units covering frequency tables, bar charts and calculation of the mean
*Simple straight line graphs and simple ratio are the final units in this book.

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