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Brine Shrimp Ecology - Key Stage Two

Aimed at upper Key Stage Two, this resource provides activity ideas for investigating whether brine shrimps shoal when swimming and if they prefer to swim at the edge or in the centre of a dish. It links to the topic area of living things and their habitats.

Included in the resource are several short clips of brine shrimps swimming in a tank, so children may observe their behaviour and collect data to answer the questions they are investigating.

The first section of film describes the animals and show how the tank is set up, the next shows how to distinguish between male and female brine shrimps. Two timed clips of twelve brine shrimps swimming in a dish are provided for use in the investigation. There is also a short animation at the end of the video which shows the life cycle of a brine shrimp.

The teachers' notes provide an outline of the activities and background information on brine shrimps and sheets for recording their observations.

This resource has been provided by the Association of Animal Behaviour (ASAB).

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