The Association of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) promotes the study of animal behaviour. One of their aims is to encourage the teaching of animal behaviour in schools. This collection of resources focuses on various animals and looks at certain behaviours and what we can learn from them. The teachers' notes provide an outline of the classroom activities and contain films, photographs, activity sheets, presentations and background information. The resources are: *Animals on the move *Crawling caterpillars *Keeping ourselves safe near dogs *Mini-animals *Birds' nests: marvels of architecture and design *Finding food *Let's ask the animals



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Animals on the Move

This resource, aimed at Key Stage Two, covers the topic areas of all living things and habitats. It includes three investigations which look at:

*Crawling caterpillars

*How seed beetles move in response to light

*Brine shrimps - top, middle or bottom dwellers.

Each practical activity...

Crawling Caterpillars

Aimed at upper Key Stage Two, this resource investigates whether moth caterpillars move in a straight line when they seek a refuge. It links to the topic areas of all living things and habitats.

A short film shows the caterpillars moving and then children measure tracks they have made. Children use data...

Keeping Ourselves Safe Near Dogs

Aimed at Key Stage Two, this resource explores the behaviour of dogs and their interactions with humans. Linked to PSHE and the topic of animals, it contains several activity ideas and accompanying worksheets including: a survey, role play and stimuli for discussion and writing.

The activities look at the...

Brine Shrimp Ecology - Key Stage Two

Aimed at upper Key Stage Two, this resource provides activity ideas for investigating whether brine shrimps shoal when swimming and if they prefer to swim at the edge or in the centre of a dish. It links to the topic area of living things and their habitats.

Included in the resource are several short clips...