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How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take to Change a Man?

This video features Cambridge University physicist, David Mackay, in a passionate, personal analysis of the energy crisis in the UK, in which he comes to some surprising conclusions about the way forward.

The film is based on his new book Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air, in which Professor Mackay has calculated the numbers involved for the alternatives to fossil fuels like coal, gas and oil.

He debunks some myths about energy saving – unplugging our phone chargers does not make any appreciable difference. After showing us what will not work, he goes on to show what will make a difference at home, like turning the thermostat down.

However, his main point is that if we are going to follow the advice of climate scientists and stop using fossil fuels by 2050, which currently provide 90% of our energy, Britain's main options are alternatives such as wind power and nuclear power.

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