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This resource from Maths Chest 6, aimed at Key Stage Two contains teachers' notes for running activities on the curriculum areas of money, length, time and weight. It is divided into nine topics which are designed to be taught in sequence at different times within the year. Each topic is organised into two sets of activities both of which include teacher-led activities, group activities and individual activities and a related investigation. At the end of each topic there are opportunities for reinforcement and extension and suggestions for cross-curricular links.

The topics in this pack are as follows:

Topic 8 - Money: divison.

Topic 9 - Length: measuring in millimetres and centimetres.

Topic 10 - Time: am and pm, use of a simple calendar to answer questions involving : (a) dates two weeks later;(b) number of weeks between two given dates.

Topic 23 - Money: line graph as a ready reckoner, the application of all four operations in the context of money.

Topic 24 - Length: plans and maps using different scales.

Topic 25 - Time: bar charts, 24 hour clock, problem solving.

Topic 37 - Money: solving problems, using a ready-reckoner graph to illustrate the implications of joining points to form a straight line.

Topic 39 - Time: using timetables, introducing a simple travel graph.

Topic 40 - Weight: kilograms and grams, addition of weights using larger numbers, finding the cost of other weights of items from a given unit cost, using a ready reckoner.

The repromasters required for teaching the activities are found in the Maths Chest 6: Introduction and Student Materials.

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