Primary Design and Technology

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In this Teachers TV programme, three design and technology products are put to the test in classrooms around the country. They are then reviewed by an expert panel composed of Professor Clare Benson, director of the Centre for Resource Curriculum Development in Primary Technology (CRIPT) at UCE Birmingham, Ray Barker, director of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) and independent education consultant Adrienne Jones.

The first resource, Mechanical Toys, are a set of colourful wooden toys chosen to demonstrate the mechanics of levers, axles, cranks and cams supplied by TTS Group Ltd. The toys help develop knowledge and understanding about mechanisms and promote thinking and learning about how toys work. Children can then reproduce their own prototype designs based on their understanding of the mechanisms. This resource is accessible to all abilities and can lead to a focussed practical task making and designing toys.

The second resource is a Learn and Go controller box with built-in memory from Data Harvest. It is a motivational and easy to use tool where children control the timing and pattern of lights on previously made toys. It enables teachers to teach control of devices and links to work on circuits.

The third resource is The Primary Subject Leaders' File from the Design and Technology Association (DATA), which is a useful reference guide for teachers.

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