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Teachers TV was originally a television channel which aimed to provide professional development support for teachers, school leaders, support staff and governors. Many of the programmes were filmed inside real classrooms, with teachers sharing good practice and ideas for lessons.

The videos in this collection are a selection of the programmes aimed at primary school design and technology teachers. The collection contains materials suitable for use as stimulus material in the classroom or when planning learning activities. There are also programmes which give advice and guidance on teaching and learning strategies in design and technology.



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A Taste for Bridges

In this Teachers TV programme, teacher Irene Harrison makes use of the local area to inspire her Year Five and Six class to think about the design of bridges and then to build their own bridges using food. Children use an interactive online activity to design their own bridges then with the help of parent governor...

Storing Our Stuff

In this resource from Teachers TV, children from Brecknock School in North London work on an aspect of school improvement with a designer William Warren. The idea for this project comes from The Sorrell Foundation and is called the Joinedupdesignforschools project.

Children look at the problem they have...

Primary Cross Curriculum - Making Bags

This resource from Teachers TV follows Rebecca Higgins and Daniella Mana from Newtown Primary School in Shropshire. The teachers present three great practical lesson ideas around design and technology, all involving making bags.

The first part of the programme shows how children use their knowledge of two...

Primary Design and Technology

In this Teachers TV programme, three design and technology products are put to the test in classrooms around the country. They are then reviewed by an expert panel composed of Professor Clare Benson, director of the Centre for Resource Curriculum Development in Primary Technology (CRIPT) at UCE Birmingham, Ray...


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