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Module 2: Understanding the Environment

Produced by the Charles Darwin Trust, these materials will help children to observe and understand their natural environment. In doing so, they will develop their skills of observation, communication and interpretation.

The activities help children to:
* Recognise how Darwin looked at the natural world, using framed and focused observation, as he walked in the natural habitats across the world and at home.
* Experience Darwin's ways of working, using hand lenses and other methods to focus attention.
* Keep a field notebook of observations, thoughts and feelings about the natural world.
* Ask questions about the environments explored and considering ways to investigate them.

They help to address:
* Investigative skills, planning, obtaining and presenting evidence
* Considering and evaluating evidence
* Living things in their environment
* Adaptation
* Human effects in the environment

The materials also include a range of images of orchids taken at Orchis Bank, an area close to Darwin's former house, in which he will have walked and observed nature.

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