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Science Specials Needs Supplement

From The Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC), this book contains a range of science investigations that have been adapted for secondary-school students with particular learning needs. In these activities appropriate teaching and learning strategies allow special needs students to play a full part within science activities. Additionally, the teacher guidance notes make them valuable to teachers with limited science or special needs teaching experience.

The activities in these materials are:
Coastline protection
A demonstration of wave action and making and testing concrete samples.

Transporting chocolate
Looking at the colour that lorries used to transport chocolate are painted in relation of the heat they absorb.

Fragile parcel
Investigating materials used to make packaging for eggs or to make safety helmets.

Sleeping bags
Investigating different materials and the heat loss from a sleeping bag.

Water for industry
Investigating materials used for water pipes, filtering dirty water and using water for cooling.

Investigating floating and sinking.

All activities contain extensive teacher guidance and student sheets.

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