At the time of this film, Professor Steve Sparks was the Director of the Centre for Environmental and Geophysical Flows at Bristol University. He had revolutionised the study of volcanoes, changing it from an essentially observational science to one where theories are tested by experiments before being put to use in real emergencies. His team had developed techniques based on ingredients and equipment found at home, but on a bigger scale, to model what happens in volcanic eruptions and lava flows.

* Stephen Sparks
Activity 1. Modelling pyroclastic flow and ash plumes
Activity 2. The work of Stephen Sparks
Activity 3. Active volcanoes map
Activity 4. Stop Press! Volcano erupts
* Our Dynamic Earth
Activity 5. Inside the Earth
Activity 6. Make a strip diagram of the Earth’s interior
Activity 7. Inside a volcano
* Volcanic Rocks
Activity 8. Identifying volcanic rocks
Activity 9. Igneous rocks and volcano shape
Activity 10. Learning more about volcanic rocks
* Lava
Activity 11. Learning about lava flow
* Violent volcanoes

Steven Sparks was one of the scientists featured in the Acclaim project in 2001. Acclaim was a collaboration between the Royal Society and the Centre for Science Education at Sheffield Hallam University.

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