Making Use of Renewable Energy

This is one of a series of extended units, from the Association for Science Education and the Design and Technology Association, to provide in-depth coverage of a topic or an area of the curriculum. Through work on this unit, students learn about the potential for using renewable energy resources from small (local) to large scale use. They also may have the opportunity to carry out a site investigation and feasibility study related to the use of renewable energy;

Parts 1 and 2 of this unit were designed to be covered in science as the scientific principles behind the use of renewable energy are covered in these parts of the unit. The site investigation in Part 2 can also be used to develop experimental and investigative skills. Part 3 is a series of science investigations. Part 4 is a design and make assignment and was intended to be used within Design and Technology.

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Part 1 Making use of renewable energy
Part 2 Could you make use of renewable energy?
Part 3 Making use of renewable energy some practical investigations
Part 4 A design and make activity

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