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Demonstrating Biology: Aviflu

From Teachers TV, this video illustrates an engaging way to look at the spread of an infectious disease. Students at Garth Hill College are amazed to find out how quickly viruses can spread when they play a harmless but fun game of Aviflu with their classmates.

Year Nine teacher Diane Wilson begins her lesson by encouraging her students to think about different types of viruses, and then to come up with five questions to investigate avian flu.

Nigel explains that the game centres around simulating the transmission of the virus within the class using a harmless, invisible, fluorescent dye. A dusting of the dye is sprayed on the resources the students use which transfers to their hands, mimicking the way a virus can spread.

Nigel outlines what is needed to play the game, how role-play makes it exciting and gives some tips on what works well.

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