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Mission 3: Space Matters

This programme from ESA switches between scenes filmed in space and on Earth to demonstrate basic scientific principles in ways that children can relate to. Filmed during the Eneide Mission in 2005, ESA astronaut Roberto Vittori and Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev are shown investigating the nature of matter from on board the ISS, while students from schools in Italy, Greece, Portugal and Norway present their own inventive ways of exploring the subject. The video looks at protons, neutrons and electrons, inside atoms, with some ideas about the relative distances within the atom. Charge due to the imbalance of protons and electrons is discussed. Elements and compounds are examined, with specific reference to the growth of crystals. The main three states of matter and changes of state are compared on Earth and on the ISS. Solubility, density, how fluids mix and surface tension are investigated Many of the simple experiments performed in the schools can easily be repeated in the classroom.

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