Focus Year 7/8 Handling Data Core

The material in this Century Maths Handling Data Focus book is aimed at average ability students. There are a number of practical activities and games to make learning the key concepts more enjoyable.

[b]Contents of the student book:[/b]
*[b]Using tables[/b] - reading and using data obtained from timetables and conversion tables.

*[b]Finding out about your class[/b] - decide what data to collect. Collect the data then represent the data.

*[b]How likely?[/b] - an introduction to probability. Perform simple experiments and analyse the results.

*[b]Measuring your class[/b] - collect data then calculate the average and the range in order to compare two data sets. Group data where appropriate using frequency tables. Represent the data using diagrams

*[b]Sorting and decoding[/b] - use decision tree diagrams to sort items into categories. Solve simple code breaking puzzles.

*[b]Measuring chance[/b] - use a probability scale to show how likely an event is to occur. Record results from various activities and use appropriate vocabulary to describe the results.

*[b]Conversion/line graphs[/b] - use various conversion graphs: temperature, shoe size, speed. Interpret line graphs.

*[b]Surveys, pictograms, pie charts[/b] - a number of suggestions for car related surveys. Students are then encouraged to represent their data using tally charts, pictograms and pie charts.

*[b]Using grouped frequencies[/b] - students generate data using a parachute drop activity and a timed sorting activity. Students then produce grouped frequency tables and grouped frequency bar charts.

*[b]What do you expect?[/b] - students repeatedly carry out the same experiment and analyse whether the results of the experiments are what they expected.

*[b]Which boot sizes?[/b] - an activity to decide the ‘best’ distribution of boot sizes to fit a Year Eight class.

[b]Focus teacher’s support pack year 7/8 handling data core[/b]
The first half of the Teacher's support pack covers teaching issues such as approaches to problem solving, record keeping, equipment and a reminder of the icons and flags used in the student texts. This part of the teacher support pack is essentially common to all the Focus teacher support packs.

The second part provides a summary of the units followed by one or two pages on each unit which gives teaching suggestions on each student activity. The guidance on the activities needs to be read alongside the student material.

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