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This IPSE publication from the Association for Science Education (ASE) presents findings from the evaluation of the Local Education Authorities (LEAs) taking part in the Government funded scheme for promoting science in primary schools, 1985-8. The different LEAs adopted a wide variety of strategies for developing their primary schools' teaching of science, but all of them had advisory teachers as a central part of the strategy. The different ways in which these advisory teachers worked with the schools are described in this book. The book contains an index.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Sources of evidence
Chapter 3: The goals of the ESG science projects
Chapter 4: The advisory teacher working in the classroom
Chapter 5: Working with the whole staff together
Chapter 6: Centre-based INSET work
Chapter 7: The role of the head teacher
Chapter 8: The co-ordinator role
Chapter 9: INSET in school- introduction and transaction
Chapter 10: Changes brought about by the ESG projects
Chapter 11: Schools which seem likely to progress
Chapter 12: Resources and supply cover
Chapter 13: Long term prospects and future needs
Chapter 14: Implications for schools
Appendix 1: Good practice in primary science

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