Ginn Science Activity Sheets Year Five

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Ginn Science Activity Sheets for Year Five (students aged 9 to 10 years), published in 1994, are photocopiable resources which enable individuals or groups of students to work independently on the Ginn Science activities. 

The 40 activity sheets, referenced to the activities in the teachers' resource file for Year Five, are intended to enable students to make a record of their scientific activities and results in an organised way. It is suggested that they may be used to introduce work or to reinforce the work already covered.

The completed sheets may also be useful for assessment purposes, providing evidence of students’ scientific knowledge and understanding. The sheets are fully referenced to the National Curriculum Programmes of Study and Statements of Attainment current at the time.

Each activity sheet presents a task and poses a question for students to answer. Spaces are provided for their responses and the introduction provides comments and discussion points for the teacher on each activity.



The acquisition of knowledge

Ginn Science activity sheets

Using the sheets

The activity sheets and the National Curriculum Correlation chart between the Year Five activity sheets and Ginn Science Year Five

The activity sheets explained Activity sheets

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