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Statistics and Probability

This book, 'Finding out', from the Shell centre offers a range of materials designed to support students as they pursue extended tasks relating to statistical investigations. The analysis of real data which is of some personal significance can be much more rewarding for students than the completion of exercises containing second hand data. Consequently, the tasks begin within real contexts drawn from everyday life. The common element amongst all the items within this cluster is that they allow for statistical analyses of real situations, according to the individual need and ability of each student:

The Lead task 'Why are we waiting' is based on the idea of queuing. Students were introduced to several different queuing systems and were free to investigate them in any way they wished, although certain suggestions are offered. The mathematics covers extracting data from tables, combining data from various sources, analysing queuing data, modelling queuing situations, using random number tables and frequency distributions to simulate queues.

The alternative tasks are:
*Stocking up
*How do you react?
*Finding connections
*Very fishy
*Finding the news

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