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STEM Learning primary magazine - spring 2017

In this issue of the STEM Learning magazine Alison Hogben describes how the mastery approach to teaching mathematics can significantly impact the teaching and learning in a primary school in the article Mastering mathematics. the magazine also features the following articles:

  • STEM Ambassadors help bring the primary curriculum to life: Tim Filewood describes how a visit by a STEM Ambassador can inspire and encourage young people in STEM
  • Science is for everyone: Jessie Mytum-Smithson looks at the 'science capital' concept and how it can be utilised in the classroom context 
  • Learning in a digital playground: Dave Gibbs outlines the best pieces of equipment which can be used in a primary computing classroom
  • Primary science - raising the profile: Sarah Dagnell reminisces how taking part in Project Enthuse has impacted on her as a subject leader in her primary school
  • Teething problems - how to teach the topic of teeth: Karen Brunyee lists six ideas on how to bring the subject of dental hygiene to life in the classroom
  • Engineering - encouraging curiosity: Julie Wiskow outlines the benefits of using a topic-based approach to teaching and how cross-curricular learning supported children in transferring their knowledge across subjects
  •  Celebrate British Science Week: Rachel Jackson describes how primary schools can run their own science week, get involved in national science initiatives and lists some inspiring science activities suitable for primary schools.

The magazine ends with a listing of our high quality CPD courses.

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