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Careers Examples and Options

These two Future Morph resources aim to show students that there is a wide choice of options open to those who study sciences and mathematics. The resources consist of:

Career examples list

The list covers six areas of science:

* Living things

* Environmental science

* Energy and motion

* Natural and man-made materials

* Earth and space

* Communication technology

Each area contains a short list of relevant jobs along with the knowledge and skills required in each profession.

Presentation: Why study science and maths?  

The presentation is suitable for use with students considering their subject option choices. It suggests reasons for studying science and mathematics, the skills those subjects develop and also presents profiles of people who use science and maths in their job.

Although these resources were created in 2010 as part of the Future Morph project run by the Science Council and the resources date from this time, they are still relevant and useful today.

More details about the current activity of the Science Council can be found on their website, which includes the professional registration award for educators, Chartered Science Teacher (CSciTeach).

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