Handling Data 3

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This resource on Handling Data from Nuffield National Curriculum Mathematics was suitable for those students working towards an Intermediate GCSE. The units, at National Curriculum level six, begin by considering the history of information collecting from the Domesday book and early opinion polls and how they have evolved into the present day Census, and the many polls and surveys that provide information on modern day life.

Further units cover collecting, organising, displaying and interpreting data. The three units on probability examine experimental and theoretical probability, using Venn diagrams and identifying all the outcomes from an event.

The nine units in the book are:
We need to know the facts
Getting the right sample
Getting into groups
Drawing an appropriate picture
Is there a connection
Tables, scales and networks
Listing possibilities
It all adds up to1
Theoretical calculations.

Each unit provides information for the student to read and questions and activities for them to do. The units, which are in short sections, have detailed content descriptions at the top of each page. These descriptions are also summarised in the students’ book contents list.

The Assessment and Resource Pack contains - brief teaching notes for each unit of work, a chart showing where the statements in the National Curriculum level descriptions are covered in the students’ book, answers to the students' book, revision and extension sheets, copiable worksheets of grids, cut-outs, data collection tables and similar items.

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