These level six books from Nuffield National Curriculum Mathematics, on Number and algebra, Shape, space and measures, and Handling data, were all suitable for a foundation GCSE course.

Each students' book is accompanied by an assessment and resource pack offering the following materials:

*Teaching notes - brief notes are provided for each unit of work

*National Curriculum matching charts

*Copiable revision and extension worksheets

*Answers to the pupils' book, revision and extension sheets



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Handling Data 3

This resource on Handling Data from Nuffield...

Number and Algebra 3

The twelve units in this book from Nuffield National Curriculum Mathematics build on previous work and are at NC level six. They are suitable for students working towards an Intermediate GCSE. Each unit provides information for the student to read and questions and activities for them to do. The units are in short...

Shape, Space and Measures 3

The level six units, from Nuffield National Curriculum Mathematics, in this students’ book cover the topics of:

  • Parallel lines
  • Three dimensions flattened
  • Area of simple shapes
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Volume
  • Enlargements
  • Drawing with Logo Circles, perimeter...