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This Nuffield Working with Science unit set out to foster an interest in growing things and to encourage more careful observation of detail with things as familiar as cabbages and tomatoes. Students are required to show a certain amount of practical dexterity, some forward thinking and planning, a reasonable amount of tenacity of purpose, and the ability to use reference materials and to devise experiments.

Guidance for teachers and technicians appears in Teachers’ Notes E.

This unit was not included in the second, CPVE edition of the project.

Section 1: Giving plants a healthy diet (week 1)
Section 2: Sowing some seeds (week 2)
Section 3: Beds of water? (week 3)
Section 4: How to care for seedlings (weeks 4-5)
Section 5: Making more plants (weeks 5-6)
Section 6: What to do when your plants are larger (week 9)
Section 7: High-protein crops (week 10)
Section 8: Observations and tests (week 11)

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