F1 in Schools: Mathematics - Calculating Speed

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Using the F1 in schools curriculum resource students will need to to apply their knowledge of speed, time and distance to calculate the speed of an F1 car using real race data. Students are presented with a circuit map of Monaco showing speeds in mph and Kph, the gear used and target times at different points on the circuit. They also have access to overall results giving race and qualifying times.

From these results students will be able to plot graphs of the speeds of the different drivers including average speed both during qualifying and the race as well as analysing the data using statistical tools, such as mean, median and range to compare drivers’ speeds and discovering whether Lewis Hamilton had a higher average speed over the entire race or in qualifying.

This session also encourages students to remember the distance, speed, time formula through the "Are we there yet?" activity and to use calculators and spreadsheets to aid their calculations.

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