Activities Pack II

This Nuffield Combined Science Activities Pack provided student booklets; one for each of the last five sections of the course. These booklets were not intended to be used as ordinary text books.

Activities were to be used to:
*start students thinking about a new piece of work,
*give them ideas of things to find out to do, to extend work done in the laboratory,
*give some background to a piece of work, to take the place of class discussion,
*give practical instructions both for home and laboratory-based experiments,
*give visual stimulation and reinforcement.

The booklets include reference sheets to give guidance on the use of items of apparatus such as, burners, microscopes, and so on; to enable some students to forge ahead without the delay of waiting for teacher's instructions.

The absence of a textbook was in line with the spirit of inquiry that underpinned the course. In addition to the booklets of activities teachers were encouraged to build up a good stock of background books, colour magazines, photographs, slides, film strips, film loops, and wall charts. Students were expected to make frequent reference to such sources both during and after lessons.

Section 6: Water
Section 7: Small things
Section 8: Earth
Section 9: Insects
Section 10: Energy

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