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Engineering Islam

Engineering Islam is an annual event hosted by the London Engineering Project (LEP). The event celebrates Islamic culture and aims to show young people the important contribution that Muslims made to society particularly in the field of science and engineering.

This year's event was inspired by 1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World, a book created by the 1001 Inventions organisation.

During the event students learnt about some of the Islamic feats in Engineering and tried some of activities inspired by 1001 Inventions, including:

•Raising Water – students were given the task of moving water from one point to another using a range of materials including corex, wood, string, straws and electric pumps.

•Camera Obscura – students made a simple pinhole camera using plastic cups, transparent paper, black tape and card – they then tested their cameras in a dark room.

•Scentsations – students were given a range of essential and fragrance oils which they could combine and add to a carrier oil to make a new unique scent.

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