Communication About STEM Careers

These materials support teachers, careers and personal advisers who are working together to broaden knowledge of STEM opportunities amongst students and parents. Resources include posters and support materials for practitioners. Teachers may also find the following eLibrary collections useful:

  • Future Morph videos: Materials providing careers-related contexts to support teaching of the science and mathematics subject curricula. Short video profiles of people who use science and maths in their job, linked to classroom activities.
  • Science and Maths - See Where They Can Take You: Videos showcasing a wide range of exciting, aspirational and rewarding careers available to those studying science and mathematics. The examples also aim to challenge young students' perceptions of where those subjects can lead. The Maths Careers¬†site is also a useful starting point for those wishing to know where studying mathematics can lead. The website offers a number of resources that support the teaching of maths in the classroom as well as a wide range of information to help those working in careers to provide comprehensive advice and guidance on the careers where mathematics plays a significant role.


STEM Subject Choice and Careers Project

Produced by the Department for Education, these resources contain a range of support materials for those involved in the delivery of information, advice and guidance (IAG) in STEM-related areas.
Publication date:
2000 - 2009

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From the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Royal Academy of Engineering, these posters can be used to help students think about careers in science and engineering: food science, materials and formulation scientist, analytical chemist and sound engineer. Posters may be printed or used with an interactive whiteboard to...
Publication date:
2010 to date

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Publication date:
2000 - 2009


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