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Food Technologist

Jessica Chambers is a food technologist at Sainsbury's. This video could be useful when teaching microbiology, food technology, or as a context for applied science. Jessica's job allows her to gain experience of work in many different areas that include:

  • development of new products and ensuring they remain at the highest quality until their use;
  • managing the quality and safety of cheese, yoghurt, chilled deserts, milk, eggs and juices;
  • testing and developing the flavour, aroma, texture and appearance of food products;
  •  taste testing and comparisons with competitors' products;
  • monitoring the environmental impact of our packaging and how we can go about reducing it.

Jessica says, "I always knew I wanted to do something with science in my career, and there's lots of flexibility in studying science. Amongst other things, I love discovering how things work and why the world is the way it is."

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