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Science and Technology in Society 5

SATIS book five includes Bridges, Paying for national health, Risks, and Perkin's mauve.

The ten units in this booklet are:

501 Bridges: A survey of bridges leading to consideration of bridge design, the choice of materials for bridge construction, and optional practical work.

502 The coal mine project: Role-play simulation concerning the case for and against opening a coal mine.

503 Paying for national health: Decision-making simulation concerning the cost of medical treatment under the National Health Service.

504 How safe is your car?: Reading and questions on road safety, with particular reference to the MOT test and brakes, tyres and seat belts.

505 Making fertilisers: Reading, questions and optional experimental work on the production and use of fertilizers.

506 Materials for life- new parts for old: Reading and questions concerning replacement surgery, with particular reference to hip replacement.

507 Computers and jobs: A series of exercises and a design task concerning the impact of computers on jobs.

508 Risks: Reading, data analysis and discussion concerning the risks involved in different activities and occupations.

509 Homeopathy - an alternative kind of medicine: Data analysis and discussion concerning the nature and effectiveness of homoeopathy.

510 Perkin's mauve: Practical work, reading and questions concerning the discovery of the first synthetic dye.

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