Science and Technology in Society 4

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SATIS book four includes The label at the back - a look at clothing fibres, Noise, and Glass.

The ten units in this booklet are:

401 Fluoridation of water supplies: Reading and discussion concerning the artificial fluoridation of public water supplies.

402 DDT and Malaria: Reading, questions and discussion on the benefits and drawbacks of DDT.

403 Britain's energy sources:A data analysis exercise concerning the costs and contributions of different energy sources in Britain.

404 How would you survive?: An exercise in simple technology: A problem-solving exercise designed to introduce the idea of basic technology.

405 The label at the back - a look at clothing fibres: A home survey of clothing fibres, accompanied by information and questions on different fibres, natural and artificial.

406 Blindness: Practical work, reading and questions on the nature, causes and treatment of blindness.

407 Noise: Reading, questions and optional survey on the problem of noise pollution.

408 Industrial gases: Reading, questions and data analysis concerning the production and uses of industrial gases.

409 Dam problems: A role-play simulation concerning the environmental problems involved in building a large dam.

410 Glass: Reading, questions and optional practical work on the manufacture, uses and recycling of glass.

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