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Science and Technology in Society 2

SATIS book two includes Drinking alcohol, The story of Fritz Haber, and The pesticide problem.

The ten units in this booklet are:

201 Energy from Biomass: Reading and problem-solving exercises, including optional practical work, on the production of biomass energy.

202 Electric vehicles: Reading and questions concerning the advantages and limitations of electric vehicles.

203 Drinking alcohol: Practical work, reading and questions on alcohol and its effects on the body.

204 Using radioactivity: Reading and problems concerning the medical and industrial applications of radioisotopes.

205 Looking at motor oil: Information and questions on the function of motor oil in an engine, and the problems involved in formulating an efficient oil. Optional practical work
investigating the change of oil viscosity with temperature.

206 Test-tube babies: Information and discussion questions on the problem of infertility and the technique of in vitro fertilization.

207 The story of Fritz Haber: Reading and discussion questions relating to the life and work of the inventor of the Haber Process.

208 The price of food: Survey, analysis and discussion concerning the factors affecting the price of food items.

209 Spectacles and contact lenses: Reading, questions, practical work and a survey concerning spectacles and contact lenses.

210 The pesticide problem: A decision-making and data-analysis exercise concerning the testing and use of pesticides.

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