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Future Morph: Science Journalist *suitable for home teaching*

In this Future Morph video, freelance science writer Helen Carmichael talks about writing on a range of topics and for different audiences. She describes how she combines her knowledge of science with skills in researching and presenting information to produce an engaging science-based story. Helen describes how she may be asked to write on a wide range of topics and how being able to gather and anlyse information is an important part of her job. In the related activities students investigate the resistance changes in a filament and write a magazine article to explain why bulbs 'blow' when they are turned on, rather than when they are already lit.

An associated resources booklet, which can be found in the Introduction to Future Morph Resources, organises the resources into themes, provides an overview of the teachers’ notes, describes practical activities and suggests cross-curricular links.

Although this resource was created in 2008 as part of the Future Morph project run by the Science Council and the resources date from this time, it is still relevant and useful today.

More details about the current activity of the Science Council can be found on their website, which includes the professional registration award for educators, Chartered Science Teacher (CSciTeach).

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