These Fun-Size activities, from the Association for Science Education (ASE), are short 5-15 minute tasks that enliven lessons. This resource is part of the SYCD Can we; Should we? collection. The activities range from short games and word plays through to quick demonstrations.

Fun-size is particularly useful when you are working outside your specialist area. The emphasis in this selection is revision for students aged 11-14.

1. Question loop: Acids

2. Question loop: Environment

3. Question loop: Changes

4. Quiz: Periodic Table

5. Bingo: Starting Chemistry

6. Traffic lights game: Solid, liquid, gas

7. Traffic lights game: Atoms and molecules

8. A to Z Quiz: Chemistry 1

9. A to Z Quiz: Chemistry 2

10. Dominoes: Hazard Symbols

11. Jokes

12. Elements Song Words

13. Citizenship Mind Maps

14. Revision Advice for Pupils

15. Revision Activities: Self Assessment

16. Sequencing Activity: Biology Review

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