SMILE Cards 720-1600

The cards can be browsed to stimulate ideas for teaching. Alternatively use the Activity List to locate a particular card or topic.

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    Carrie Martin

    I was a bit disappointed to find that most of the cards in 1351 - 1400 and all of the cards 1401 - 1500 have diagonals across them. it seems a bit strange - can they be removed?

    andolie marguerite (not verified)

    The last transparency in 0736 has been photocopied on the wrong side. This can perhaps easily be changed.

    Anna Richardson

    I am pleased to inform you that the mistake in the 0736 card has been rectified and the correct version of the card uploaded.

    Anna Richardson

    Thank you for your comment. We’re currently looking into the issue of the diagonal lines appearing on the cards. Please note that some of the cards are also available from the SMILE Wealth of Worksheets document which you can access from the SMILE collection page. Regards, Anna

    Wendy Nosal

    Set #12 - 15, 19 & 20 are damaged. Can they please be fixed? I'm excited to try the SMILE cards with my classes this year.
    Thank you,

    Wendy Nosal

    Actually it was cards #1351 - 1600 that were damaged as well as #0750-0999.
    Thank you, Wendy


    SMILE Cards 751 – 1600 are damaged. There is no file. Thank you.