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    Smile 0315 is missing - looks like 0314 has been done twice.
    This a nice sequences activity whihc needs to be added.
    Sandy Bruce
    Elthorne Park High School

    Anna Richardson

    Hello Sandy,
    Thank you for your comment. Please note that the duplicate version of the 0314 card has now been removed to reflect your correction. Unfortunately, we do not have 0315 card, as it was not included with the original cards. If you would like to suggest a source for this card please email me at . Thank you. Anna


    I just discovered this STEM Centre and I am browsing through various collections; I found your SMILE cards to be a very creative and extensive curriculum.
    I am a retired classroom teacher (K-University about 30 years :-)
    and I am still an active learner and teacher with internet affiliations and my own "High School Geometry Adventure" wikispace.

    From my Elementary School teaching years (long ago) I have created a fun way to teach & learn the Times Tables by using a 10x10: 1-100
    Number Grid like your SMILE Worksheet 0121... I would be happy to share the printout pages with you (and your colleagues) for your consideration... It is a very fun and very powerful visual mathematical "tool" for students to discover, predict, and prove fundamental numerical relationships and calculations.

    Sincerely STEM+Arts = STEAM,

    Allen Berg


    It looks as if Smile cards 0176-0250 have a problem downloading; everything else does without a problem, but not these. Anybody else experiencing the same issue - any suggestions? thank you!


    Has anyone sortedout the problem wirth set 3 yet?  Downloaded it twice,once on own and as part of a zip.  Just does not open.

    Anna Richardson

    Hello Tony,

    I have changed the third file and it should be working now. Please contact me at if you have any further questions. Best regards, Anna


    Fantastic resources. Thanks a bunch. 


    A lot of cards are missing in the range of 176 – 250.


    Hello, I really like these resources.
    Can you tell me why some of these are not in the normal SMILE card packs and why they have been crossed out?
    Many thanks

    Steve Lyon

    The SMILE project ran for many years. Over this time some cards were withdrawn and re-written. We have repackaged the SMILE cards by topics in line with the SMILE Network. These cards can be found at
    PS you may also be interested in this website