Science and Technology in Society 1

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SATIS book one includes Ashton Island - a problem in renewable energy, Fibre in your diet, and Nuclear power.

The ten units in this booklet are:

*101 Sulphurcrete: Reading, questions and experimental work on the use of sulphur as a building material.

*102 Food from fungus: Information, questions and decision-making exercises concerning the production and marketing of a novel food.

*103 Controlling rust: Information, questions and decision-making exercises concerning rusting and its prevention, in particular its economic aspects.

*104 What's in our food? A look at food labels: Survey, analysis and discussion concerning food labelling and food additives.

*105 The bigger the better?: Data analysis and discussion concerning economies of scale, with particular reference to ethene manufacture.

*106 The design game: Designing an energy efficient home.

*107 Ashton Island - a problem in renewable energy: Information and problem-solving exercise on the use of renewable energy sources.

*108 Fibre in your diet: Information, questions and data analysis on the link between dietary fibre and disease.

*109 Nuclear power: A structured discussion concerning the principles and issues behind the use of nuclear power.

*110 Hilltop - an agricultural problem: A data analysis problem-solving exercise concerning a trace element disease among farm animals.

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