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Fun-size activities are short 5-15 minute activities that enliven lessons. They are provided by the Association for Science Education (ASE) and are part of the SYCD: Science Year Who am I? collection. They range from short games and word plays through to quick demonstrations. Many of these have been kindly donated by teachers. Fun-size is particularly useful when teachers are working outside their specialist area at Key Stage Three. These activities are based around the 'Who am I ? ' theme. 1. Cells and Living Things question loop 27 question loop cards based around QCA SoW 7A Cells and 7B Reproduction. 2. Body and Cells bingo A bingo style activity using key words from Year Seven/Eight 'Who am I ? ' topics. 3. Starting Key Stage Three question loop 27 question loop cards recapping and revising some 'Who am I ? ' content from KS2. 4. Key word poem A format and prompts for writing a short poem based on a key word. 5. The Link game Game rules and questions based on general knowledge of human and animal biology. 6. A-Z Quiz 26 questions on biology topics covered in Key Stage Three curriculum. Do this against the clock to find the highest score. The questions are reasonably demanding. 7. Jokes There will be a collection of science based jokes on each CD. The first set are based on examination answers for 'Who am I ? ' 8. Biobreakers game All teachers need for a well-known TV game aimed at students. This version has a 'Who am I ? ' theme. 9. Science, Technology and Reading An excerpt from the STAR* publication from the ASE, which shows how scientific writing can stimulate ethical debate and creative work. 10. Cool and Fun An excerpt from the ASE collection of 100 science poems by students. A stimulus to creative and literacy work.

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