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Project ENTHUSE: why your business should go back to school: how you can inspire the next STEM generation

This guidance is aimed at businesses and other organisations looking to provide support and inspiration for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in schools.  It is based on consultation with teachers, further developed through debate between teachers, businesses and learned societies.  Teachers are crucial in developing and inspiring young people to become the scientists and engineers of the future. But there is a much wider role that business can all play in helping teachers to make STEM-related subjects more engaging by opening young people’s eyes to their relevance to themselves and their own lives. All this can be achieved by:

  • building the 'science capital' of all young people and helping teachers develop their knowledge of STEM-related careers now and into the future. 
  • helping improve teacher knowledge and confidence in three ways: supporting teachers in areas that stretch them and their students beyond their own specialism, supporting professional development activities-such as those provided by Project ENTHUSE, and offering support both on and off curriculum in order to inspire young people.

This guidance has been produced as part of Project ENTHUSE, a unique partnership between business, learned societies, charities and Government, which provides funding and support for transformational professional development for teachers and technicians across the UK.


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