Project ENTHUSE is a funding partnership that was launched in 2008 with £27 million from the Wellcome Trust, the Department for Education, AstraZeneca, AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust (renamed Primary Science Teaching Trust in 2013), BAE Systems, BP, General Electric Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline, Rolls-Royce, Vodafone and Vodafone Group Foundation.

In 2013/14 Project ENTHUSE received further funding of over £22 million from the Department for Education, the Wellcome Trust, BAE Systems, Biochemical Society, BPInstitution of Engineering and Technology, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Rolls-Royce, Royal Commission for the 1851 Exhibition, IBM, Institution of Structural Engineers and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

These organisations came together to bring about inspired science teaching through the continuing professional development of teachers of science across the UK. Project ENTHUSE funding allows the provision of subject specific CPD for teachers, technicians and other support staff at the National STEM Learning Centre in York and through partners in Northern Ireland (Department of Education Northern Ireland), Scotland (SSERC) and Wales (Techniquest).

Project ENTHUSE is made up of a number of distinct and complementary areas:

  1. ENTHUSE bursary
    ENTHUSE bursaryENTHUSE bursaries are available to all state funded schools and colleges in the UK to help teachers and technicians attend world class continuing professional development courses offered by the National STEM Learning Centre and its partners.

    ENTHUSE bursary

  2. Intensive ENTHUSE bursaryIntensive ENTHUSE 
    Intensive ENTHUSE bursaries allow schools and colleges in England that have not previously engaged with the National STEM Learning Centre to access additional in-school support.

    Intensive ENTHUSE

  3. ENTHUSE Partnerships
    ENTHUSE Partnerships enable groups of primary schools to work collaboratively to improving teaching and learning in science. The awards are open to any state funded schools or colleges in England, from all phases, that want to work together in a cluster.

    ENTHUSE Partnerships

  4. STEM Insight
    STEM Insight offer teachers across the UK opportunities to spend one or two weeks in with an industrial or academic partner organisation to get a better understanding of STEM careers and the needs of industry and higher education to encourage more young people to study STEM subjects.

    Placement schemes

  5. Celebration of the impact of teachers and technicians through the ENTHUSE Celebration Awards
    An annual celebration event held in June where teachers and technicians that have had a large impact on teaching and learning are celebrated.

    ENTHUSE Celebration Awards