Planning for progression in practical skills

This set of resources supports Heads of department and classroom teachers in developing strategies for progression in practical and enquiry skills,  and accompany the Triple Science Support guide Developing progression in practical skills.

The Triple Science Support intervention guides and supporting resources are packed full of ideas and examples of evidence-based good practice, and will support you in going beyond short term, bolt on interventions to look at issues such as progression, tracking progress and how best to structure learning so students gain a deep, long term understanding of the science.

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Practical Science

This is a great resource for anyone looking to improve the quality of learning in practical science sessions. It's not a set of suggested practical activities to use in the classroom. Instead, it provides a framework for clarifying and achieving learning outcomes through engaging practical work.  There are four modules, with plenty of supporting resources.

1. Reflecting on practical work.

2. Reflecting on your own practice.

3. Planning for effective practical work.

4. Action research. Each section contains a range of support materials including evaluation tools, relevant research, interactive presentations, planning tools and links to external websites

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2010 to date

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Getting Practical: a Framework for Practical Work in Science

This booklet from SCORE (Science Community Representing Education) aims to help teachers to recognise and plan for a wide variety of high quality science practical work, ranging from out of the classroom learning to opportunities for students to practising specific techniques and procedures.

The booklet defines practical work in science and explains its purpose and importance. It also shows how to recognise high quality practical work, listing the learning points and skills development that it should include such as self-directed enquiry, team-work, use of ICT, using real data and challenging existing ideas and established concepts.

The resource also examines how teachers and schools can improve the quality of practical work and what government, local and national bodies can do to.

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2000 - 2009

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The main purpose of this booklet is to provide a tool for analysing science practicals to clarify their objectives, highlight main features, and evaluate their effectiveness

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