Experimental equipment and techniques

This T level topic on experimental equipment and techniques starts with a range of equipment that is generally available in school and college laboratories, but that may have been previously used with little explanation or discussion. There are a lot of possible activities for using the equipment in other areas of the specification and so it may be helpful to look at practical tasks across the course to introduce the why it is used now (the focus in this area of the specification) and then work towards competence in the use of various pieces when required in other sections. There is then a section on theory on how to use a microscope and aseptic technique that would be enhanced by a practical approach with explanations of key details in the procedures in different contexts and experiments.       


Whilst this list provides a source of information and ideas for experimental work, it is important to note that recommendations can date very quickly. Do NOT follow suggestions which conflict with current advice from CLEAPSS, SSERC or recent safety guides. eLibrary users are responsible for ensuring that any activity, including practical work, which they carry out is consistent with current regulations related to Health and Safety and that they carry an appropriate risk assessment. Further information is provided in our Health and Safety guidance.