The Institute of Food Research looks at where the food we eat comes from. Tracing the origin of food is important as a means of understanding where a food poisoning outbreak may have originated from. It may be useful to look at the origins of the food we eat before visiting this stand to gain a deeper understanding of air miles and food networks. This list includes resources for teaching about food and the importance of a balanced diet at primary level.

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Taste (Key Stage One)

Pretend to be a sensory scientist and excite your class by looking at the science of taste. This resource helps children to: 
-name the five basic tastes and give examples of them
-know the parts of the body used to taste
-consider food hygiene

Includes a lesson plan, colourful pictures to aid learning and worksheets.  

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2010 to 2019

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An interactive presentation and activity which looks at where our food comes from. Children look at food packages and work out food miles and the origin of the different type of food they eat. This activity would fit in with healthy eating or  environmental topics in Key Stage Two.

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Food Glorious Food

A range of activity ideas on the topic of  food and healthy eating. The activities look at favourite foods and how to collect and present data from a class survey. Children record their own diets and look at the importance of a balanced diet. Investigate the importance of food in different cultures and grow your own food.


publication year
2000 - 2009

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Food for thought is a series of activities related to food and  eating for children at Key Stage One and Two.
Go on a plant munch, investigate high fat foods, explain why raisins dance in a fizzy drink. Discuss if custard is a solid or a liquid or investigate the best way of getting bread to rise. These activities are designed to promote discussion and thinking and would work well as starter activities, extended as an investigations or used to promote curiosity in a science club. 

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