Food Glorious Food

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This topic, from the Association for Science Education, explores the cultural aspects of food. The topic allows classes in schools across the world to exchange information about the foods found locally, and the connections between diet and health.

After exchanging their findings and views with students in other countries, students compare and discuss the responses received from classes in other parts of the world.

The topic provides opportunities for students to:

*explore how tastes in food have changed

*to find out about the place of food in culture

*to assess their own diets to see if they are healthy 

*to work out the extent to which a varied diet can be based on foods produced locally.

This topic is an elaboration of the topic Eating and Drinking. It fits into the general curriculum including science and health education. In most countries it is suitable for students aged 8-12. This topic is only available in English.

There are still active schools making use of Science Across the World topics and exchanging ideas and information. For details visit the Science Across the World pages of the ASE web site. This is one of a series of Plants topics developed as part of Gardens for Life which was funded by the UK Department for International Development, Creative Partnerships, Syngenta Foundation, DfES, Cisco Foundation and Future Harvest.

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