Drugs KS4

These resources are intended to be used in order to teach the topic of Drugs at KS4.  They fit in with the AQA Science (Biology) specification, but could be used with other specifications or as part of PHSCE.

It is anticipated the lessons would run as follows:

1. Different types of drugs, legal vs. illegal, recreational vs. medicinal. Students can use the internet to research different drugs, perhaps for a leaflet, poster or presentation, or just for their own notes.

2. Smoking.  After discussing the effects of smoking on the body, students could read the article, "Why girls can't say no to cigarettes".

3. Alcohol.  Students could use the Drink Driving article to summarise the effects of alcohol on the body and to prompt a discussion on the reasons why people drink and the socio-economic issues it can lead to.

4. Drug trials and the placebo effect.  The article, Drug Formulation can be used along with the Drug Trials video to show how a new drug is developed and tested.  The use of placebos can be illustrated by watching the Placebo effect video and/or carrying out the activities covered in The Placebo Effect.