Part of the Educational research in STEM subjects main collection, this is a collection of academic research looking at assessment in STEM subjects. 






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Review of teacher assessment: evidence of what works best and issues for development

Written by Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment, this March 2009 review of teacher assessment was commissioned by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA). The review looked at teacher assessment in practice in a number of countries to see what works best and to consider the implications for...

The use of P-scales in science

This article, by L. Chapman, published in June 2002,  presents a small-scale case study of science assessment for students with special educational needs. The discussion is based on the appropriateness of the assessments as a means of monitoring achievement and in setting targets. It is argued that National...

Developing professional learning through engagement with research

When teachers are introduced to ideas from research, they seek to make sense of the findings they are presented with by reflecting on their own practice and how they anticipate the research findings may or may not fit with the ways they view teaching, learning and assessment. 

Author: Chris Harrison