Moon camp challenge resources - secondary

These secondary level resources support the Moon Camp Challenge.



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Space bears - Lab-experience with tardigrades

This resource from the European Space Agency is presented as four highly complex activities for more able and talented students. The activities require students to work with tardigrades ('water bears'), which they gather from collected moss or lichen samples. Students are given some outline guidance to come up...

3...2...1...lift off! - Building your own paper rocket

In this set of three activities students will design and build their own paper rockets and launch them. They will learn what it takes in order for a rocket to be stable and they will calculate the rocket’s trajectory and velocity. They will learn about the velocity required to leave Earth in a rocket and uncover...

Could life survive in alien environments? - Defining environments suitable for life

In this activity, produced by the European Space Agency, students will consider whether life found in extreme environments on Earth could survive elsewhere in the Solar System. Students will examine the characteristics of different places in the Solar System and then use fact cards of some example extremophiles to...

Extracting water from lunar soil - Learning about filtration and distillation

In this resource from the European Space Agency, students learn about changes of state of matter using water on the Moon as an example. They interpret data from a pressure vs. temperature graph for water to enable a discussion about how changes of state are different on the Moon compared to what we are used to on...