Moon camp challenge resources - secondary

These secondary level resources support the Moon Camp Challenge.



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Power from water - How to produce oxygen and hydrogen on the Moon

In this set of three activities from the European Space Agency, students learn about electrochemistry. In the first activity they build a voltaic pile – a simple battery. Students will then study electrolysis, producing hydrogen and oxygen which can be used as propellants for spacecraft and/or to provide oxygen to...

Power from sunlight - Powering space exploration with solar energy

In this set of activities from the European Space Agency, students learn about two concepts that influence solar panel design for space missions: the inverse square law and the angle of incidence. There are instructions on two simple investigations using a photovoltaic cell (solar cell) and a light source. The...

Landing on the moon - Planning and designing a lunar landing

In this set of activities, students will plan, design, and build a landing module to secure the survival of the crew (in the form of an egg-naut) landing on the Moon. They will explore which factors should be considered when landing on the Moon, in comparison to landing on Earth. In the design of the lunar lander,...